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Watch Sea Invaders' beautiful art exhibition for PWC's new offices in Kristiansand

Sedin Zunic talks about plastic pollution & Street Art


SEA INVADERS is a global movement. By using art as a tool, we want to reach into the hearts of children all over the world and make them aware of the dangers of polluting the ocean. SEA INVADERS goal is to put a global focus on pollution of the ocean. We are creating a trend to make children aware of this critical danger, and how urgent it is to take action! We want children to spread the word upwards in generations.


Our common vision is to stop pollution, redefine the recycling and upcycling system. We are starting a global movement that will make participants proud of a common environment responsibility.


The main goal of SEA INVADERS is to reach the hearts and minds of our youngest citizens. The heroes of tomorrow need to be aware of what they might be facing.


We're combining drawings, art and streetart with the power of a childs creative and artistic mind to increase awareness of pollution in the ocean.

Did you think of this?

The ocean is the planet’s most important ecosystem. Our oceans are the Earth’s life support system, providing 70% of the oxygen we breathe, a sixth of the animal protein people eat, medicines that keep us alive and healthy. At the same time overfishing, plastics and pollution threatens the health of our seas. Unfortunately, these critical issues are often complex and hard to understand for the average citizen. Through public art seainvaders has the opportunity to communicate and visual stories that engage the public and increase awareness.

Public Art Beautifies and Revitalizes Communities Our goal: Seainvaders' project is to bring the beauty and the plight of our oceans into streets and the world around us.

Youth workshops

Youth are the future of tomorrow, it is important to provide educational opportunities for those young. Seainvaders create youth-focused art workshops and beach clean-ups. Seainvaders create opportunities to better educate and inspire the next generation of ocean bodyguards.

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